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Seafood Guide

American Catfish

Blue Fish


Catfish is a versatile as chicken, which can be seasoned with many flavors.  Use a sauce  for a more complex flavor or choose a milder flavor. This fish is firm and  takes on other flavors easily and has a consistent mildly sweet taste. Uncooked catfish smells almost like raw chicken.  (Bake, Broil, Fry, Grill,  or    Sauté)
Bluefish has a rich, full flavor and is a coarse meat.  Pair this fish with lime, lemon juice or tomato; the pairing of an acidic ingredient complements the strong flavor of this fish.  Only small bluefish can be fried, since larger fish are too oily. Large fish can be baked whole.
(Bake, Broiled, Grill, or Smoked)
Primarily found in the Caribbean, conch has a sweet slightly  smoky flavor. Farmed raised conch is sweeter and more tender than frozen, wild conch, which can be chewy. Tenderize conch by using a meat mallet, or slice thinly.
(Bake, Broil, Fry, Grill, Poach, Sauté ,Smoke, or Steam)




King Crab is moist and sweet.  In the U.S. most retailers sell King crab already cooked and it only needs to be reheated.  Old Bay seasoning and butter are great items to add to the reheating process and eating of King Crab. 
(Bake, Boil, Steam, or Grill)
The meat of the croaker fish is firm and usually snow white.  It is full of flavor and lean with a sweet taste. Croaker is often breaded in cornmeal for the southern cook and cooked in hot grease.
(Fry, Grill,  Sauté or Steamed)
Cod is lean and flaky with a mild taste.  The meat is lean with a mild clean flavor with tender flakes. It cooks quickly because it is lean and the neutral flavor makes a great base for accents likes tarragon, dill and cilantro.
(Bake, Broil, Fry,  Sauté  and Steam)



Goat Fish

Also known as red mullet. The delicate white flesh is low in fat and high in protein. Red mullet is a light-pink fish with a fine delicate flavor.  Red mullet is most often pan fried.
(Fried, Grilled, Steamed or Broiling)
Grouper is in the sea bass family. Grouper has a mild but distinct flavor.  Red grouper is sweeter and milder than black grouper, which has firmer meat. The raw meat of both is lean with fewer bones.  Grouper remains moist when cooked.
(Bake, Broil Fry, Grill or Steam)
A member of the cod family, haddock has a delicate flake. slightly sweet taste and has a firm tender texture. 
(Bake, Broil, Fry, Poach, Sauté  or Smoke)

Jack Fish

Jamaican Butterfish


Commonly known as the northen pike which is the state fish of North Dakota. Pike have a firm sweet flesh and is ideal for frying. Pike fish has a lot of bones.
(Fry, Broiled, Pickled or Bake)
Jamaican butterfish also known as the escolar is a fish that is oil rich and with intense flavor. The meat is great for grilling and the fish can handle strong accompaniments.
(Bake, Broil, Grill, Poach or Steam)
Also called giant mackerel.  There are several types of mackerel. Kingfish is a dense slightly oily fish similar to halibut and tuna. Use vinegar or lemon juice when cleaning the fish prior to cooking.
(Fry, Stew, Grilled, broiled or poached)




Lobster meat is mild and has a sweet  flavor.  The texture is firm and somewhat fibrous. 
(Bake, Boil, Fry, Grill or Steam)

Parrotfish comes in brillant bright colors with a soft and delicate texture. There are a dozen varieties of Parrotfish.

(Bake, Fry, Grill, Steam or Saute)
Porgy has white, tender meat, with a large flake and mild, sweet flavor.  Porgies contain lots of small bones. Porgy is a versatile fish that can be used in many ways.
(Bake, Fry, Grill, Saute or Steam)

Red Perch



Commonly called redfish, ocean perch or deep-sea perch.  Red perch is mild tasting but a little sweet.  The meat is lean, flaky and moist.

(Bake, Fry, Poach, Sauté, or Steam)
Atlantic salmon is typically raised in floating net-pens, often in open bays, to help give it a "natural" flavor. The Flavor of Atlantic salmon is milder than that of the wild salmon.  The meat is moderately firm and oily.
Bake, Broil, Grill, Poach or Smoke)
There are two types of scallops, sea scallops and bay scallops. Bay scallops are mild and sweet and considered the best tasting of the scallop species. Fresh scallops smell sweet and seaweedy. 
(Bake, Broil, Fry, Poach, Sauté   or Steam)

Sea Bass

Shark Fish


Also known as blackfish rock bass, black bass, bluefish and tallywag. Black sea bass is a small fish with a mild fresh delicate flavor, The meat is tender but firm. Sea bass has a simple bone structure which makes it great of baking and grilling.
(Bake, Broil, Grill, Poach or Sauté)
Shark meat is mild and meaty and has no bones. Tenderize the meat  well before cooking  with a mallet. Shark Fish has the look and consitency of pork chops.

(Fry, or Grill)
There are several different types of shrimp. Black tiger shrimp has a mild flavor compared to ocean harvester gulf shrimp.  When cooked the shell turns bright red.
(Boil, Broil, Grill, Sauté or Steam)

Small Whiting

Spanish Mackeral

Striper Fish

Also known as hake.  Whiting has softer flesh and fewer flakes than cod, haddock and pollock. Whiting is mild tasting and a bit sweet. Whiting is good with an array of seasonings.
(Bake, Broil, Fry,  or Sauté)
Spanish mackerel has darker meat and is one of the tastiest of the mackerel family.  Also Spanish mackerel has one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. It has a moderate texture with full flavor.
(Bake, Broil, Steam, Smoke, Poach or Fry)
The Striper fish is the striped bass, which has white meat, mild flavor and a medium texture. Striped bass is firm and flavorful with a large flake.
(Grill, Steam, Poach, Roast, Broil, Sauté or Fry)

Striper Mackeral



Rainbow trout meat is mild with a delicate nut like flavor.  The flesh is tender, flaky and soft. A little lemon, butter and parsley is usually all that is needed to compliment the delicate flavors of trout.
(Bake, Grill, Poach, Saute or Smoke)
Tilapia has been farm raised for decades.  Tilapia is mildly sweet tasting and has a slightly firm flaky texture. The skin does not necessarily have to be eaten because it has a bitter taste. 
(Bake, Broil, Saute or Steam)
Tender texture thanks to an abundant amount of fish oil. The skin is delicate and the meat of this fish is dark white in color.
(Bake, Grill, or Saute)

White Perch

Whiting Steak

Yellow Tale Snapper

Yellow tale snapper has a firm texture, mild flavor and is a lean fish. There is also the red snapper,  which has red skin along the back.

(Broil, Bake, Steam, Paoch, Fry or Grill)
Ocean perch is mild tasting yet a bit sweet, with moderately firm texture.  The meat is lean, moist and flaky.  The firm texture makes it suitable for soups.
(Bake, Fry, Poach, Steam or Sauté)
Also known as hake.  Whiting has softer flesh and fewer flakes than cod, haddock and pollock. Whiting is mild tasting and a bit sweet. Whiting is good  for a array of seasonings .
(Bake, Broil, Fry,  or  Sauté)